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Bubble Calendar

The poster-sized calendar with a bubble to pop every day

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Made with real Bubble Wrap® for a bigger POP

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A huge poster

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Includes color stickers to mark your special days.

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Customer Reviews

I can't believe I popped the whole thing!

This is a totally fun product. Who doesn't love Bubble Wrap? It actually hard not to pop them all. I keep it at the office so I get to pop 3 on monday! peter t- on Sep 23, 2016

So cool! Excited to pop it everyday

So cool! Excited to pop it everyday. I did have a problem with it ripping off the wall. To solve the problem I stock a piece of ducktape on the backside of the calendar where I wanted to place the tack and I have never had a problem again. Nathan Hansen on Jul 26, 2016


After getting my calendar for Christmas last year, I stuck it to the wall in my den and patiently waited for the new year to arrive so I could POP my first, bubble. I refer to it as my "Bubblix Calendar," because I can't help but believe that the packaging material that my family so loved to get, (just so they could sit around on Christmas Day POPPING the bubbles) was the inspiration for this calendar. If the creator of the Bubble Calendar denies this, I won't believe him/her!
I only hope that my 2017 calendar arrives in time to start my POPPING on New Years Day!!! After becomng disabled due to M.S., my daily POP of the calendar has become one of my few remaining pleasures! I don't mean to sound droll in this review, but I REALLY DO enjoy marking each new day of Life this way!!!
John Dobrzanski on Dec 21, 2016

If you love popping bubbles

This product is awesome! Gina on Jul 17, 2016

Five Stars

Amazing! This is my second year having a bubble calendar! Best way to start the day! Samantha Hughes on Jun 23, 2016

Five Stars

Bought this for my 12-year-old cousin and she absolutely loves it. sacmcdonald on Apr 28, 2016

Kind of a waste but cute gift!

Cute gift for hard-to-buy for teenage nephews and nieces! A Customer on Apr 28, 2016

So fun -really great

So fun really great. I took the bubble wrap off to use as a deployment countdown calendar and really like it. Carolyn S on Apr 11, 2016

Four Stars

Made for a great nobody got you THIS Christmas stocking stuffer for my sister! James L. on Mar 11, 2016

not the tiny ones that are fun to pop

The calendar is larger than I excepted. I had to put it on the back of a door; otherwise it would take up way to much wall space. I also had to use clear packing tap across the top and bottom to hang it because the poster board kept wanting to curl back up. It's basically a long piece of poster board with packing bubbles glued to it. They're the large bubbles not the tiny ones that are fun to pop. The dot stickers are transparent which is nice because it allows you to see the number underneath Elisabeth on Jan 28, 2016

Better than banana slicers

Have you ever woken up and immediately wanted to destroy something? Of course you have. Nary a day goes by that causing a bit of destruction wouldn't make the rest of the day so much easier to handle. I've woken up and smashed alarm clocks with hammers. It got expensive even replacing the cheapest alarm clocks daily. I've broken a few eggs (and enjoyed the ensuing omelettes that came with it). I even crashed my car into some medians on the morning commute but after three times my insurance company told me they frown upon such behaviors. Then came this. Every morning I wake up and hold in my rage long enough to amble over to the bubble calendar and start my day off my popping and utterly destroying the current day's representative bubble. It has done wonders for my psyche and I no longer have the urge to ruin other household goods or roadside attractions. SW3K on Jan 23, 2016

Hand Made in the USA

These calendars are custom printed on thick 80 pound cover stock. The type is set in Classic Helvetica Neue.

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